Stone Age Workshop

Date: 2nd Oct 2023 @ 1:46pm

We have had a wonderful day today learning more about our topic on the Stonge Age. 

Its started with an artefact handling session. In this task we learned about and handled a range of real and replica artefacts, including highlights such as teeth and bones from real Stone Age animals such as cave bears; real flint hand axes; and highly detailed replicas such as red deer antler tools, spears and arrows. Then we had a group sorting session, where we uncovered, weighed, counted and measured four different sets of genuine Stone Age and BronzeAge items such as bronze Celtic ring money, flint arrowhead and much more. This really helped our knowledge of what happened, why and when in the different periods.


We also took part in spear thowing, these were safe foam tipped spears haha) Spear throwing was a key part of Stone Age survival and was the development of good hunting skills. This task helped us to understand the difficulty that Stone Age people met when hunting, by putting the pupils in the footsteps of Stone Age hunters with safe to uselight foam-tipped spears. We were firing at three fake-fur targets, to see who can hit the Mammoth, Sabre tooth or Cave Bear targets for maximum points.


The workshop was planned frowith two main aims in mind. One, to bring our Stone Age to Iron Age to life in a totally new way and two, to teach towards and to expand upon the topic objectives, so that we will learn above and beyond all expectations in a fun and memorable way.


We have had the best day. Check out the gallery for pictures from the day. 


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