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Our curriculum begins with the outcomes we want our children to achieve. Endpoint Sheets detail the outcomes that are taught within each given unit and subject. These outcomes show what pupils must know, remember and be able to do to meet the Expected Standard in each unit. Key vocabulary relevant to each unit is also included in order to promote the use of vocabulary across the curriculum.

With outcomes in mind we plan our assessments and the evidence we expect to see that demonstrates not only their ability to remember more information, their adeptness of skill application, but understanding that has endured. We use the year/phase descriptors in the key specification document to ensure NC coverage when planning the sequence of lessons to meet the end points. Our approach to curriculum planning and delivery is built on spaced retrieval practice, formative low stakes testing and plenty of repeat practice for automaticity and fluency. Low stakes testing will be used to retrieve teaching. Learning flows from one topic to another.

Knowledge is taught to be remembered not merely encountered. We ensure students have a secure knowledge platform, allowing them to reach the next level. Our curriculum is designed to be remembered, understood in detail, stored in long term memory so that it can be later built on, and forming even wider schemas. Our approach to curriculum implementation is through spaced retrieval practice, assessments that are constructed to evidence and test enduring knowledge and plenty of repeat practice for automaticity and fluency. We recognise that we should start at the end when planning a school or class curriculum.

Low stakes testing will be used to retrieve teaching. For example the use of

  • Quizzes
  • Questionnaires
  • Debates
  • Self and peer assessments
  • Presentations
  • Speaking and listening activities
  • Knowledge organiser
  • Prior learning activity
  • Memory bags

We also have our Knowledge review weeks at the start of each term to check knowledge retention over time.



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